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Continuation of GR 101.

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   4.1:  Quantities of Measure, Weight, and Number

   4.2:  Simple Past of “sein”

   4.3:  Separable Prefix Verbs

   4.4:  The Dative Case–Personal Pronouns

   4.5:  The Dative Case–Endings

   4.6:  Dative Prepositions

   4.7:  Dative Verbs

   4.8:  Personal Dative Expressions

   4.9:  Word Order

Märchen in leichter Sprache (NDR)

   5.1:  Inseparable Prefix Verbs

   5.2:  Conversational Past–das Perfekt (Present Perfect)

   5.3:  Nominative and Accusative Der-Word Adjective Endings

   5.4:  Sondern vs. aber


   PI.1:  Rooms of the House, Comparative, Superlative

   PI.2:  N-Nouns

   PI.3:  Two-Way Prepositions

   PI.4:  Da-Compounds (Introduction)

   PI.5:  Conditional:  Würden + Infinitive

Reader:  Cafe in Berlin

   6.1:  Genitive Case

   6.2:  Genitive Prepositions

   6.3:  Subordinatinng Conjunctions

   6.4:  Nach vs. zu vs. in

   6.5:  Der-Word Adjective Endings (Dative/Genitive)

           6.6:  Simple Past of “haben”




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