23 Section 2-8

2-8: Oral Proficiency Interview Practice:

Ex. 1: (Time goal—0:45-1:00)

You have just met a new student in your class. Ask at least five questions to get to know the student better. HINT: Watch Ms. Mando’s video for tips!

Ex. 2: (Time goal—1:00-1:15)

You have just made a new friend at your school who wants to know all about you and your family. Tell about your family in as much detail as possible.

Ex. 3: (Time goal—1:00-1:30)

You are an exchange student living with a host family in Germany. The family wants to know about your eating habits. Explain to them what you like and don’t like to eat and drink.

Ex. 4: (Time goal—1:00-1:30)

You are an exchange student who has accidentally become locked in a classroom at a university in Germany. You don’t know the room number but call public safety to describe the room you’re in.

Ex. 5: (Time goal—1:00-1:30)

You witnessed a bank robbery. Describe the suspect(s) to the police. Don’t forget to tell what articles of clothing they were wearing, including their colors.

Ex. 6: (Time goal—1:00-1:30)

Tell as much as possible about your favorite (or least favorite) family member.

Ex. 7: (Time goal—1:00-1:15)

You live in Germany. Your nosy next-door neighbor asks what you will be doing next summer. Tell her, using the future tense

Ex. 8: (Time goal—1:00-1:15)

The same nosy neighbor wants to know what each member of your family will be doing next summer. Once again, use the future tense to tell her.

Ex. 9: (Time goal—0:45-1:00)

Describe your current schedule of classes. At what times do you have which subjects?


  • Look back through the chapter to see what you might already know how to say.
  • Write/say as much as you can about each topic as it relates to the above scenarios.
  • Stick to what you’ve learned so far; don’t worry yet about the grammar topics you haven’t learned yet. That will come soon enough!
  • Use lots of details. Saying more is always better!


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