Chapter 2 – Extra Practice


Deutsche Welle–Vocabulary Trainer

Each exercise starts with a brief video and has interactive exercises for practicing vocabulary.

For some of these exercises, the following words will be helpful:

  • möchten—would like
  • kann/können—can
  • hätte gerne—would like

If you want to do a lesson again, simply hit “reset” next to the exercise and try it as many times as you want.’s vocabulary trainer:

You can set this to train your active vocabulary and your passive vocabulary. Instant feedback!’s dictation trainer:

Listen to several sentences read aloud—the first time at normal speed and the second time slowly. Then type in what you hear. This is a great way to connect what you hear with the written form. The computer checks your answers automatically.’s listening practice:

Here you can listen to several readings and then answer questions about them. It may be challenging at first, but keep at it to develop awesome listening skills in German!


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