14 Section 1-14

1-14: Oral Proficiency Interview Practice:

Ex. 1: (Time goal—1:00-1:30)

You are left alone with your best friend’s grandmother. Start a conversation to pass the time. Ask several questions to get to know her better.

Ex. 2: (Time goal—1:00-1:30)

You will be studying abroad next semester and call your future host family to introduce yourself. Tell them all about you and your hobbies.

Ex. 3: (Time goal—1:00-1:30)

You are talking with a friend about your schedule next semester. Ask your friend several questions about his/her opinion on several classes. Then give your own opinion about these classes.

Ex. 4: (Time goal—1:00-1:30)

You are babysitting for one of your coworkers’ relatives. Ask the parent of the child several questions about her child.


  • Look back through the chapter to see what you might already know how to say.
  • Write/say as much as you can about each topic as it relates to the above scenarios.
  • Stick to what you’ve learned so far; don’t worry yet about the grammar topics you haven’t learned yet. That will come soon enough!
  • Use lots of details. Saying more is always better!


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